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Vibrant + is a sleek and stylish 60 mm thick tile based system with unique slide in tiles feature with frame design to support tiles to make it more versatile and create different work environments .It offers a variety of choices that allows you to create office interiors that reflect your taste and style, making your space truly special. When it comes to setting up your space in the shortest possible time, nothing’s faster than Vibrant+. Factory fitted panels and components make it a breeze to install and get started. Vibrant+ is as dynamic as your space - it’s quickly adaptable to your changing needs, letting you shape as you go.

Key Features
  • Sleek & stylish 60 mm thick tile based system
  • Space optimization + openness.
  • Robust & panel based to create holistic office environment.
  • Strong & Stable panels.
  • Factory fitted tiles for easy and faster installation
  • Unique slide in tile feature
  • Various modules and combinations of frames, legs, work surfaces, storages, screens and accessories
  • Wide range of options in tile Fabric, Glass, Metal, Polycarbonate, Magnetic & Whiteboard.
  • Excellent wire management capacity through the panels.
  • More than 4 lakh+ satisfied customers