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Virtu is a sleek privacy screen with aluminium frame all around and having multiple surface finish option to provide different functionalities. Being modular and with timeless aesthetics it can be provided with any Open Office furniture system. The minimal and clutter free look of Virtu presesnts an open working ambience.

Virtu has clean and light appeal and gives the system a contemporary clutter-free look. It is a universal design and can easily adapt to any worktop from any manufacturer. Anodized or powered coated thin aluminium framing all around defines it's boundaries. Double walled surfaces provide opportunity to configure different colour and functionality on either face depending on user preference e.g. Fabric tile, magnetic tile, white board tile etc. Concealed fixing or the screen has led to elimination of external brackets and provides unobstructed look. The slot in the top framing member provides opportunity to hang to hang accessories for enhanced personalization. Being an economic offering and its flexibility to adapt to any furniture system. Virtu has an edge over all it's competitions. The optimal use of material ensures a reduced carbon foot print and a competitive price for the users.