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Aerosit is a chair which offers a completely new dynamics to the office seating with Aeroflo™ dual layer seat , which distributes weight evenly thereby eliminating pressure spots and enables air ventilation to reduce heat build-up Aerosit chair is a result of intensive study of the unique needs of Indian offices, blended with aesthetics and design. Its simple and contemporary design fits well with the dynamic and sophisticated identity of modern offices. A task chair made on the principles of 'Sit safe Sit healthy' offers a unique solution to the today's offices.



Key Features

  • Long duration seating comfort
  • Proper arm / Elbow support
  • Change of sitting posture
  • Proper lumbar support
A typical professional sits for a long time before taking a break. The thick seat foam and back may give the impression of comfort, but in reality it may not be good over long durations as it will prevent blood circulation and build up body heat, especially in Indian climatic conditions. The carefully designed seat and back contour of the Aerosit chair makes the need for thick foam redundant.

Optimal elbow support
  • Provides right elbow support while working.
  • Provides full arm support while relaxed.
  • Option of four way adjustment that provides optimal elbow
  • support irrespective of individual size and height.
Seating comfort
  • Perfectly contoured back with height adjustment for personalised lumbar support.
  • Patented knee tilt synchro mechanism to provide optimum personal comfort.
  • Easy to operate, intuitively placed controls.