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Box Office is a range of chairs that offer sheer luxury and comfort in auditorium seating. It is an automatic choice for multiplexes, auditoriums, private theatres, conference halls and training rooms. It has a special fluimatic slider mechanism and has a frame made of sheet metal and hardened metal wires for strength, durability and smooth movement. It uses high resilience automotive grade foams for superlative comfort & long seating hours.


Symphony keeps you in superlative comfort as you relax in its generously sized seats. Symphony offers a variety of options that enhance user comfort and is the perfect seating to add that extra special touch to your auditorium

Key Features:

  • Specially designed large plush seats for relaxed seating
  • Fluimatic slider mechanish for superlative comfort
  • Polypropylene back and seat pan for easy maintenance
  • "U" wing pocket that houses accessories discreetly
  • 4-bolt flange for extra stability

Ballet - a combination of comfort and sleek looks with a compact footprint - is an experience in delightful luxury. Sink your body into sheer nothingness and soak yourself in the captivating atmosphere that only Ballet can offer.

Key Features:

  • Choice of Push back with Auto tip - up or Fixed back & seat
  • Fluimatic slider meckanism for superlative comfort
  • Compact seating with waterfall edge design
  • Polypropylene back and seat pan for easy maintenance
  • Aesthetic look with fully fabric covered 'Y' wings

Concert is an optimally designed chair for use in institutions and small auditoriums.

Key Features:

  • Specially designed large seats for relaxed seating
  • Premium fixed back chair
  • Polypropylene back and seat pan for easy maintenance
  • Sleek and profiled 'V' wings on aisle sides