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SNAPPY is a Privacy screen which can be snapped on to any table top to create personal space for enhanced concentration and privacy within and otherwise collaborative office setting.

SNAPPY is sleek & trendy in its design. It is an intuitively designed product for privacy between two users. This workstation accessory makes the environment look light and pleasing with its sleek design and cheerful colours.

With office spaces becoming more open & small, it provides users an opportunity to use Snappy screens to create a small private space as and when required without causing any discomfort to other colleagues.

It is very light and quick to snap on & off the worktop, making it a desirable accessory in busy office life. The important feature of this is unique „snap on‟ screen bracket made in white translucent Poly carbonate material. Acoustic panel made of PET fibres offers limited acoustic privacy too, this pin-able panel can also double up as soft board allowing further personalization of work space.

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