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X Bench is a simple and minimalistic Open Office Architecture system which is ideal for light and trendy offices. Its clear lines, seamless table tops, integrated wire management and clean understructure create a pleasing imagery. It offers a seamless integration of aesthetics, functionality and convenience. It is designed to complement the hassle free work style of a young and energetic generation. It has a unique design of fabric screen which has an accessory rail to mount accessories like name plate, hang on marker board and accessory tray.

Key Features
  • Unique design of fabric screen with pinup rail on top encased in aluminium extrusion
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Seamless integration of functionality and convenience
  • Ideal for light and trendy open offices
  • Clean understructure
  • Seamless table top

Changing office work environments are always a challenge while setting up a new office. Collaborative work culture, increasingly younger workforce, easy access to technology, multi-skilled personnel and diminishing hierarchies require an office which is contemporary in styling, easy to maintain and easily scalable. With ever increasing cost of real estate and reduction in size of table tops, it is apt to have linear workstations. This is also seen as future office trend.

X-Bench offers all this and much more. X-Bench is basically a benching solution for youthful and collaborative office environments . X-Bench is simplistic in its construction, visually appealing and inherently very sturdy. Inbuilt innovations like multi-functional screen design, options of accessories to personalise workspace, seamless back to back table tops for offering rigidity to screens, easy to access power and data etc. makes it special to its users. It gives various options in terms of configurations which take care of different types of collaborative work patterns thus making X-Bench more personal and user friendly.

The most appealing feature of X-Bench is its clean and visually light appeal. The sleek legs at the ends and the intermediate masts offer long unobtrusive span of bench for ergonomic leg space making it convenient for users. The innovative power beam with power management integrated in it and the slim privacy screens give the system a contemporary clutter-free look. X-Bench is a fully functional and user centric design, but what sets it apart is that it represents a holistic approach.  X-Bench is engineered to achieve efficiency in production, swiftness in installation, ease in maintenance and excellence in performance.