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I'M is India's first leg and beam system and a pioneering innovation from Wipro Furniture. It personifies simplicity, clarity, lightness, functionality and the era of hi-tech connectivity. I'M is characterised by its signature Aluminium legs and beam. The strong visual appeal of the legs coupled with the vast functional benefits of the beam makes it a very versatile design.Its thoughtful design with minimum use of material ensures an organized workspace that takes care of hi-tech gadgetry requirements as well as spaces to express individuality and creativity. The option of integrated elevated storage and pedestal enables ease of access and maintenance.

Key Features
  • Patented I'M Leg design
  • Thoughtful design with minimal usage of material
  • Option of Integrated Elevated storage and pedestal enables ease of access and maintenance
  • Personifies simplicity, clarity, lightness, functionality and the era of hi-tech connectivity
  • RoHS Certified Components used for manufacturing processes
  • 300+ New age open offices installed with I'M system
  • Design registered for various configurations of I'M system

Globalization has changed the office space over the years & it has definitely changed the Indian office space in a big way. Technology & newer designs coupled with lots of flexibility & modularity have changed the way an Indian Office looks today. The look & feel of an office space has been changing regularly with the newer trends, open office culture and non hierarchical styles dominating. With increasing population of youth and lady employees in office, both the furniture and chair design has made a shift towards, youthful, lighter and trendy looking products. Style and informality are the buzz words in today’s offices.

Indian office space started looking at creating a workspace with lots of emphasis on Open office architecture, be it interiors or exteriors, creating a team work ambience through its office furniture layout design, providing ergonomic chairs for extreme comfort and providing accessories like keyboard trays & monitor arms for LCDs.

In line with this changing trend, Wipro Furniture launched an Open Office system called – I’M (India’s first leg & beam based system), a pioneering innovation from Wipro. This product with its neat, clean styling and zen like looks has changed the ‘Office landscape’ in Indian offices. MNC offices and new age Indian companies alike have taken a liking to this. Today it’s the ‘Benchmark’ in ‘Open Office Solutions’ and is driving the ‘Trend’.

I’M is a refreshing design, a designers delight. It creates an open & collaborative space and represents the new knowledge worker. In a short span of a year, it has established its footprint in all leading Metros – Mumbai, NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata.

Some of our valued customers who have adopted I’M – an open office system are BNP Paribas, Shell Lubricants, Capgemini, LG Life Sciences, Sartorius, TESCO, Miele, Direct I and OPI.