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OnAir is born out of a thinking with a clear objective – “Make a chair that makes people happy”. Wipro Furniture has collaborated with Milan based international designer Claudio Bellini brining a synergy of his professional expertise with Wipro Furniture’s Innovation+Design philosophy to create a unique synthesis of Italian design with Global appeal and proudly India Made. The features of OnAir make it eco-friendly, emotional and reflect a freedom that is bound to make users happy.

Unique styling
Crisp. Sleek. Sharp - These are the looks that lend an iconic look to your workplace. On Air brings the look & feel of Italian design alive in your workspace.

Automatic Weight Sensing mechanism
In most chairs one needs to adjust various knobs to suit ones body weight and comfort. Not so with OnAir - it has no knobs and is completely hassle free - simply sit and start working. OnAir automatically adjusts itself according to your body weight.

Responsive Bodyflex Design
OnAir understands your body and absorbs your body stress by flexing responsively as you strech and relax leaving you feeling fresh even at the end of a long day. The maxi recline lock allows you to rest at your favorite position, giving you those much need and vital power breaks.

OnAir is a chair that can be dismantled and easily separating out the fabric, foam, plastics and metal components. All components can be easily disposed off and are recyclable. At the end of its life cycle OnAir goes back and merges back into the earth the same way it was born.

Quality that makes you feel confident
OnAir is manufactured to the highest of international standards and undergoes rigorous tests for safety and durability before it is shipped out from Wipro’s manufacturing plant.

More than you can ask for
OnAir is packed with features that are designed to maximize your sense of well-being and comfort. Deeply thought out features like Braille coded control levers, protective caps for castors add that extra touch to OnAir – a chair that makes you happy by offering much more than you can ask for.