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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Inline with our philosophy of being the most innovative and design oriented furniture company, it is imperative to keep innovating tirelessly. It is our conscious effort to keep innovating in what ever we do – be it a product, a process or things of our daily routine. In the process we create intellectual property which needs to be protected by means of necessary Patents, Design Registrations and Trade marks.

All the new products are protected with Design Registrations and their names registered as Trade Marks. These IPR instruments act as our score cards on innovation front.

Wipro's Design Philosophy

“Change” is the only constant thing in present day world and that is our inspiration to excel in what ever we do. It is this change towards the betterment of our society which drives all our actions. Ecological sustainability, ergonomics, visual appeal and adherence to the most stringent performance norms are the guiding pillars for us to keep innovating newer products and solutions. Customers and their ever changing needs act as trigger for us to think beyond obvious. The ultimate aim is to provide our customers with the most appropriate product solutions.

Design Registration and Patents Applied for: