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Wipro is leading the way by redefining seating ergonomics to meet the evolving and future needs of our customers.

Sitting is a very natural thing for people to do - people really don't think much about it. People just sit when they need to. However in our modern day work environment, we tend to sit in one position for a long time, placing enormous stress especially on the lower or lumbar area of the back and spine.

Traditionally seating ergonomics has focused on design of chairs based on anthropometric data and a perception of "standardised" and "correct" seating position.         Read more...

The right way to sit

Seating vs Sitting
At first glance, seating and sitting appear to be one and the same thing. However they are not.

Sitting is a natural activity of the body which one does think much about. Seating is a device that supports our body when we sit.

Seating systems utilise a variety of adjustments that not only allow the chair to adjust to our body size, shape, and structure, but also adapts to the dynamic changes in posture during sitting , especially for long hours.        Read more...