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Transit is a stylish chair which reflects a slender elegance that belies its stability and strength - a result of innovative construction and precision engineering. Transit symbolizes the joy of a product that’s simple and easy to use with amazing utility and convenience. It is an effective way to create public spaces like food courts, cafeterias, waiting lounges, classroom, conference halls, etc. It is modular and linkable so that one can create different combinations of layouts so as to suit specific requirements. It is easily stackable and portable giving the user the flexibility to use it in fluid spaces which constantly need alterations in terms of layout. Transit, being a sleek design, proves to be an easy maintenance and hence hygiene friendly product.

Key Features
  • Sleek & Lightweight
  • Modular & Linkable
  • Stackable & Portable
  • High Performance polypropylene moulded seat and back
  • Antiskid Nylon pads