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Startline is a Premium International Design Open Office Architecture System. It is a high performance system that can fit into all the zones in an office environment. It uses a set of intelligent components which lends it the flexibility to be scalable. It can be used to configure conventional partition based workstations as well as contemporary open office furniture. The system provides solutions for all office furniture needs be it in cabin furniture, workstations, meeting /conference rooms or free standing independent table. It uses RoHS certified components for manufacturing which makes it ‘Green’.

Key Features
  • Flexible and Dynamic - One system - Multiple roles
  • High Performance System that can fit into all the zones in an office environment
  • Single set of Intelligent components easily allows to change various configurations
  • Wire Management Technology designed with cutting edge features
  • RoHS Certified Components used for manufacturing processes

Design Story
“Designing has challenges, but designing for an International market has its own set of unique challenges” Said Tim Wallace. Although working on Startline crossed many cultural lines, "As Business practice continues to evolve there is a growing demand for diverse applications & performance requirements” says Wallace. "It was a fascinating project to work on, and what we achieved was enormously satisfying."
Wallace says he's part of a small group of U.K. designers who are trying hard to influence the industry overall. "My goal when designing furniture is to make it relevant for the way we live. It shouldn't be exclusive or impenetrable. It needs to be accessible to everyone.

Product Story
Startline is a high-performance system capable of numerous applications anywhere in the world. It can be anything from a basic, stand-alone desk to a high performance system that supports collaboration in human-centered work spaces for any kind of office and culture in India & world over.Startine looks as smart as it works. The slender profile of system legs and high engineered beams all special materials allow a consistently elegant and contemporary look throughout global facilities.

Simple Versatility & High Performance
Startline lets you create all kinds of modern office environments & workable spaces –like collaborative environments, Focus environments meeting areas, autonomous environments & interactive environments.
Startline provides an office environment that not only supports their present needs but also provides enough flexibility for their future needs. This is critical for any ambitious organization.  

Build it up
Startline upgrades your workspace. It has the flexibility that allows it to grow. It uses a single set of intelligent components which easily allows addition or change. This resulting office can easily upgrade as per evolving needs.

Seamless collaboration
Out of all possible environments, Startine benching is one of the most intelligent and sought after environment.Startline benching helps people communicate & exchange ideas in collaborative environments. It can be effectively accommodate people for multi- tasking roles resulting in efficient space utilization. 

Focused High Performance
Employees are valuable assets for any oranisation.To recruit & retain top talent is crucial for success.Startline specially designed workstations can create inspiring environments for high performance knowledge workers.

Autonomous Environnent
Startline is flexible and dynamic.Startline leg and beam can create cabin furniture for the top guy in the organizations which are very much contemporary for Managers. A sophisticated environment is created making it as powerful as the people occupy them.

Interactive Environment
Startline works equally well for interactive environments like meeting rooms and conference rooms. The same leg and beam can be a theme for the all office environments giving a uniform look to the entire office.

Intelligent Design: Understated Elegance
Design exclusivity and detailing makes Stateline a complete designer delight. Be it the beveled edges for tile & frames that enhances the visual appeal or immense flexibility.