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Embassy is furniture range for executive office suites and is an attempt to upgrade a regular mass manufactured product to a level of well crafted refined furniture. It is essentially a engineered wood product but it has an out-look of a exclusively crafted piece of furniture. Embassy, with its variable sizes and configurations, offers multiple choices which can be suitable for CEO and Executive offices of varying sizes, designations and work cultures. It is not just a product; it comes along with a powerful experience for its user. The experience of stylish simplicity combined with functionality. It is this experience that sets it apart as a design. Embassy expresses elegance and finesse in a quiet dignified language that is uniquely its own.

Key Features:

  • Personal storage space in the rear storage to help in wardrobe changes
  • Dual finish of table top with a unique edge profile creates a seamless visual look
  • Integrated DUO for clutter-free wire management