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Xplorer is an integrated table and seating system solution for classrooms and examination halls. It is sturdy, durable, colourful and streamlined. Its minimalistic and differentiated styling with a dash of colours and added functionalities make it a natural choice for classroom furniture. Completely open structure of Xplorer aids in easy ingress and egress and gives a clean look. Table tops are inclined with smooth rounded finish for maximum user comfort. Contoured moulded plastic and plywood seats offer maximum comfort while seating, confirming to the body shape. The forward tilt of the moulded seat provides ergonomic support while user is busy reading or writing on the desk.

Features and Benefits

  • Sleek, Aesthetic and Flexible
  • Faster and Easy installation
  • Better comfort level
  • Designed to prevent tripping
  • Ergonomic round edges for safe usage
  • Easy to clean maintain and easy handling